What is Radical Decency? A values-based approach to living that emphasizes decency to self, others, and the world. Decency is respect, understanding, empathy, acceptance, appreciation, fairness and justice. It’s Radical when practiced at all times, in every context, and without exception.

What problem does it solve? Our culture is consumed with winning. Since everyone is competing with me, I must compete back. You undercut me? I have to undercut you. These harmful anti-values have infiltrated every area of living from the most personal and private to the most public and political.

Can Radical Decency really change things? A values-based problem requires a values-based solution; a dramatic shift in values. But while good values are contagious and can spread fast, how do you jumpstart the process? Radical Decency’s key insight is that applying its 7 values in every area of living allows us to live better – right now – even as we help to create a different and better world.

Our Vision. Imagine a world in which:

  • All of our relationships are based on respect, understanding, empathy;
  • Businesses treat us – as workers and consumers – with fairness and consideration;
  • Politicians actively encourage and support Decency 7 Values;

And, crucially,

  • We treat ourselves with the same kindness and understanding we extend to others.

Radical Decency is a big vision, to be sure. But the future is inherently uncertain – so who knows? In the meantime, we are sustained by the knowledge that living this way is its own reward.

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