What Is Radical Decency?

‘Decency’ exists when our orienting outlook is one of respect, understanding, empathy, acceptance, and appreciation; and our actions are equitable, just, and loving.

It is ‘Radical’ when it is practiced at all times, in every context, and without exception.

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Jeff Garson is the originator of Radical Decency. In this video he explains its basics.

Latest Reflections

Reflection 91: A Call to Action, Part 3 — An Expanded Collaborative Vision, Applied

This is the last of three Reflections dealing with how to create mechanisms to better bring together the many reform-minded people, currently doing largely unconnected, issues-specific work; magnifying the efforts of each; creating, in this way, a more inclusive and effective movement for change. My answer: Expanded and invigorated communal engagements and collaborative commitments, driven …

Reflection 90: A Call to Action, Part 2 — An Expanded Collaborative Vision

This is the second of three Reflections that deal with this key question: Living in a world, structured to funnel reform-minded people into largely unconnected, issues-specific work – climate change or personal growth; health and nutrition or business ethics – are there mechanisms that can bring us together; magnifying the efforts of each; creating, in …

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