Groups and Workshops

To discuss the possibility of joining a group or starting a vocation specific group, contact us via email or at (215) 450-4306. All communications are confidential.

Doing the work of Radical Decency, we need all the support we can get. Why? Because our work takes place in the context of a culture that – though a myriad of cues, incentives and sanctions – pushes us in a very different direction. One of the Radical Decency Community’s key goals is to develop an ever-deepening web of activities to support this difficult, and vital, work.

One of the most effective places to find this support is in workshops and ongoing groups. In these environments, people who in the privacy of their hearts want to live more decent lives can find that they are not alone. Groups and workshops are a place where, with the support of other like-minded people, we can create – and implement – more effective strategies for living.

Here is list of groups and workshop – some currently available; others, hopefully, to be implemented in the future – where we can explore the principles of Radical Decency and find this much support:

  1. Radical Decency in Business

    A support group for small business owners and senior executives, facilitated by Kim Follett, COO of the Kintock Group; available in person in Philadelphia and telephonically. This group meets every other week, on Fridays, from 8:30 to 9:45 am, eastern time. For a better understanding of the importance of this work, click on “In Business” on the website’s home page. [Currently Available]

  2. Implementing Radical Decency in the Legal Profession

    A professionally facilitated group, led by Jeff Garson and available telephonically. This group will begin on April 18, 2012 and will meet every other week, on Wednesdays, from noon to 1:15 pm, eastern time. [Currently Available]

  3. Men’s and Women’s Groups

    Facilitated by Jeff Garson and available in the Philadelphia area. For a discussion of the gender challenges that are so integral to our Radical Decency work, see Reflection 57: Men – We Make Complete Sense, and Reflection 61: Women, Boundaries, and Sex. [Currently Available]

  4. Making Full Use of our Senses

    A Workshop exploring how a fuller use of all of our senses can make us more effect change agents at work. Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2012, in Philadelphia. The planning group includes Jeff Garson, Andrea Clearfield (composer), Manfred Fischbeck (dancer), Brigitta Herrmann (dancer), and Brian Arnell (Buddhist teacher). For further background see Reflection 11: Recognizing, Naming, and Valuing Difference. [In Planning Phase]

  5. The Essential Experience Workshop

    A workshop facilitated by Eric Hoffman, currently being offered in Philadelphia and potentially available in other locations as well. To learn more about this 3½ day experiential workshop and the community that supports it, visit Essential Experience Workshop and see Reflection 29: Community. [Currently available]

  6. Couples Groups

    Facilitated by Jeff Garson, these groups have been offered in the past and are available to interest groups of couples, either in Philadelphia or telephonically via Skype. Reflections 3, 10, 33, 38, and 53 all deal with how Radical Decency’s approach elaborates itself in couples work. [Available on Request]

  7. Vocation Specific Radical Deceny Groups

    Available in person and telephonically. Every occupation – from business, the law and accounting to nonprofit work and the arts – presents its own unique Radical Decency challenges and rewards. The first of these groups, in the legal profession, is schedule to begin on April 18, 2012. In the future, as interest dictates, we hope to create Radical Decency groups in other occupational groups as well. For an example of some the unique challenges that would confront a legal support group, see Reflection 23: Radical Decency in Business – the Nitty-Gritty. [Planned for the Future]