Living It Day By Day

This is where we are headed.
This is our future.

In the weeks and months ahead we will be creating a compendium of the best available resources to support our day-by-day decency practice. The goal: one stop shopping for the communities and organizations, consultants and advisors, websites and apps that can best support us in:

  • Shopping and investing in more environmentally and socially conscious ways;
  • Creating more decent and equitable workplaces;
  • Contributing to a more civil political dialogue and more decent public policies;
  • Treating ourselves and others in ways that are more decent, respectful, and loving.

How can you help? If you are an environmentalist, or a political or social justice activist, or a healer, or a teacher, or a reform minded business person, or a person with a special interest in diet and health, share with us that website or other resource that you just love, so that the rest of us can extend our decency practices in areas we know are important and that “we really would really like to explore, if we only had the time.”

Here are a few examples to give you a feel for what we are looking for:

Global Stewards
Contains a wide variety of practical, easy to adopt environmental tips including, for example:

  • Carrying a mug with you for take out beverages in place of products packaged for a single use
  • Buying goods in bulk and transferring them to re-usable containers
  • and, a list of specific companies and governmental entities you can call to reduce junk mail.

The Reinvestment Fund, a Community Development Financial Institution
Allows you to deposit your savings in a “bank” that invests in revitalization programs in low income neighborhoods (homes, schools, fresh food access, sustainable energy). Deposits are in $1,000 increments, for 3 to 30 years, with interest from 2.25% to 3.75%.

Food Rules: An Eaters Manual, a book by Michael Pollan
A series of down to earth, nontechnical guidelines for eating healthier.  When it comes to living better, day by day, in this area, it is the ultimate how-to book.

GoodGuide and Good Guide Mobile App

  • Rates more than 100,000 consumer products and companies on a scale from 1 to 10 on Health, Environmental Impact, and Social Responsibility
  • List ratings of alternative product choices
  • Mobile app allows you to scan product codes on your cell phone for instantaneous, in-store ratings

LPL Financial, Broomall, PA
A firm, built on Radical Decency principles, that offers financial planning and investment services to individuals. Pricing is fair and transparent. It does not accept product related payments and commissions that could bias its advice. It fully integrates socially responsible investments into its investment options.