What is Radical Decency?

“Decency” exists when:

  • Our orienting outlook is one of respect, understanding, empathy, acceptance, and appreciation; and
  • Our actions are equitable, just, and loving.

It is “Radical” when it is practiced at all times, in every context, and without exception.

Radical Decency is an aspirational approach to living; a goal and not a destination; a daily practice that orients and guides the often perplexing, day-by-day choices that create our lives.

A culture, such as ours – that doesn’t support us in being decent to our self, others, or the world – is a failed culture. And because we humans are intensely creatures of habit, changing this dismal equation is a daunting task.

Speaking directly to this issue, Radical Decency goes to the heart of what ails us. Seeking to be decent to ourselves, others and the world in all that we do, we give ourselves over to the spirit-affirming task of replacing the culture’s current inhumane ways of operating with new, more nourishing habits of living.

In this podcast, Jeff Garson, its originator, provides a summary of this approach to living.

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